Moderne painting Kiokur 5

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Magnificent abstract painting: use of mixed media through acrylic painting.

The edges of the painting are colored which helps keep the aesthetic appealing and doesn’t require you to frame the painting.

This painting is delivered free of charge, I have signed, countersigned and accompanied by its certificate of authenticity.

High quality frame from Master Toile brand

– 100% French manufacturing in the Poitou-Charentes region
– Premium quality canvas with the best raw materials.
– Solid wood frame (Landes pine)
– Manufacture using traditional carpentry technique, with tenons and jacks
– The linens are glued using the traditional saber method

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Anthony Chambaud

Son nom est Anthony Chambaud, un artiste peintre professionnel se consacrant entiĂšrement Ă  la pratique de la peinture abstraite Ă  l'aide de la technique de la peinture acrylique.

Au sein de son modeste atelier situĂ© dans la DrĂŽme (26), il poursuit inlassablement sa quĂȘte pour faire vibrer les couleurs sur la toile. Chaque tableau qu'il crĂ©e est une Ɠuvre unique, offerte exclusivement sur son site Internet.

Ambassadeur Master Toiles, Daler Rowney et Canson

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