Red painting Nesshin

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Red painting made with acrylic paint by Anthony Chambaud, French Artist.

This painting is made on a quality linen canvas supported by a sturdy frame.

Use of many colors for a modern result. Use of mixed media through acrylic paint.

The edges of the painting are colored and are not studded which helps to keep a nice aesthetic and does not require you to frame the painting.

This painting is delivered free of charge, I have signed, countersigned and accompanied by its certificate of authenticity.

Unlike many other websites, this painting is unique and the photo perfectly matches the painting you will be purchasing.

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Akoun Cotation

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Certification is a very important point for which I put all the necessary measures in place. In this way, each work will be identifiable over time by different experts who can certify its authenticity. To ensure proper certification of each painting, the following is ensured: The signature of the painting Counter signature with identification and dating Hot stamping of the chassis Certificate of authenticity with stamp and wax seal

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Les tableaux sont protégés par différentes couches de protections. Je m'occupe personnellement de chaque colis et de son expédition. Les livraison est offerte.

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Anthony Chambaud

Je m’appelle Anthony Chambaud, je suis artiste peintre professionnel et consacre ma vie à la pratique de la peinture abstraite à la peinture acrylique.

C’est au sein de mon modeste atelier dans la drôme (26) que je cherche constamment à faire vibrer les couleurs sur la toile !

Artiste peintre coté Akoun

Certification cote Akoun Anthony Chambaud