French Painter : Anthony Chambaud

My story

How did I become an abstract painter?

When I was younger, abstract painting didn’t speak to me at all, I was even rather refractory to this art form that I couldn’t understand.

Then in 2010, I came across an abstract painting of a sublime carmine red, full of nuances, shapes and with subtle touches of blue.

That’s when I realised that there was something special going on inside me and since that day, I haven’t let go of my brushes!

I quickly admitted that abstract painting was for me the perfect vector to satisfy my creative impulses.

How I learned to paint

I have always been a creative and solitary person. For my painting practice, I therefore decided to learn through discovery and experimentation. I have also been influenced by different painters doing demonstrations on the Internet.

After a delicate but very rich start from a personal development point of view, this learning method has allowed me to create my own resolutely modern and colourful style.

Tableau rouge Kazanïo

My relationship with the public

I’m a shy person and don’t show myself too much in exhibitions. However, I am very present on the Internet.

My aim is to make contemporary art accessible to everyone and to remove the preconceived idea of the price of an abstract painting with 4 or 5 figures.

I want everyone to be able to have access to the acquisition of a unique abstract painting, following a crush, without having to go broke!

Painter 2.0

I am a professional painter, I live from my passion and use another part to be able to share my art.

Indeed, I have been passionate about computers since I was very young, I have been a website creator for 10 years in my own company and today I use these same skills to make my paintings accessible to a large public on the web.

More than 400 paintings in 6 years

In 6 years, I had the honour and the pleasure to sell more than 400 paintings.

Every painting departure is for me a real joy because I know that my work finds its right place in every good place.


In addition to my practice of abstract painting, I share my passion via a painting course blog. On this blog I deal with subjects such as the practice of acrylic painting, psychology, motivation, demonstrations of abstract painting, I propose every week new articles/videos and also propose online painting courses.

Listed painter

Anthony Chambaud quote : 650,00 €.

Certification carried out in collaboration with Akoun, the world leader in art market information since 1985.

Unless otherwise stated, the dimension is for 15P (65x50cm).

Expert’s comments (4 March 2020)

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